Well the draft is coming to an End . . .

I accidentally double booked myself tonight, so I don't get to watch the draft. I am not really upset or anything, the Taylor or Tyler debate is pissing me off. Does every conversation have to be about this, with a generous sprinkling of trade rumors. I am off to eat dinner with my friends, and I am sure by the time I get back there will be blogs of analysis and interesting comments. It will be like I was a kid, and had to wait for the Edmonton Journal to be delivered to my parents acreage the next morning. Here are some predictions and ideas:

  1. The Oilers keep the first overall pick.
  2. IF the Oilers trade up to the top 15 picks and take Dylan McIrath or Brett Connolly, it is the beginning of the end. Kinda of like sleeping with your mother, and the Oilers have been incestuous with Niinimaki and Pouliot in the last decade. They should be looking for picks such as Gromley or Gudbranson if they get on of those early picks that TSN says could be traded. Or Camplell, Neiderreiter, or Granlund if they fall out of the top ten, and the Oilers get the number 15 overall pick.
  3. I would consider trading Penner(if we choose Hall) / Gagner (if we pick Segiun), Cogliano, Nash, Lander, plus any number of pieces of crap for real NHL players or first round draft picks. Those top ten picks that could be had will cost real talent to aquire, and I would love a real top pairing NHL defensemen coming to Edmonton. I would not trade Hemsky unless the deal was unreal, and one sided to the Oilers.
  4. The Oilers need to keep the 31st overall pick. This will be a first rounder that falls out of top thirty who will get a smaller entry-level deal. This hopefully will be a good pick that needs to help the Oilers in the next 4 to 5 years.
  5. I am still hoping the Oilers' move up from 48th instead of moving up in the first round. it will cost less, and there should be a few good players in the beginning of the second round. I am thinking another 4th should get this done, but I might trade a 3rd if Nemeth is still there. I doubt this will get done tonight, but maybe
. . . by the time I check this again, it will be all over and the excitement of the remaining draft choices will have started. This is exciting.

Thank you KLowe and Tambo for not fucking that up.
Please keep up the good work tomorrow.

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