The Prophet Speaks!

This is our friend Oedipus Rex talking to the Sphinx and answering his riddle. The more I think about being flippant the other day, the more I think I was right. The NHL draft is similar to Oedipus and the Sphinx, if the soon-to-be-patricidic Tambo chooses right then he gets the throne of the Kingdom of Thebes (the franchise player) and if he doesn't get it answer he gets eaten (see Alexander Daigle and Tambo gets fired). The problem is if you get the Kingdom, you end up sleeping with your mother, killing your father, and eventually blinding yourself before they stop writing plays about you. In this analogy, I still don't know what all these steps but I think it will end with Tambo being fired.
So, Oedipus spoke of the oracle that claimed he was going to do bad, bad things:
"The god dismissed my question without reply; he spoke of other things. Some were clear, full of wretchedness, dreadful, unbearable: As, that I should lie with my own mother, breed children from whom all men would turn their eyes; and that I should be my fathers murderer. I heard all of this and fled. And from that day Corinth to me was only in the stars descending in that quarter of the sky, as I 

wandered farther and farther on my way to a land where I should never see the evil sung by the oracle…" (Oedipus Rex, 41)
Earlier this spring, I asked some questions into the blogosphere of hockey and, finally, the prophet Bob MacKenzie has spoken to answer my questions. But he spoke of other things, not my direct questions about the Oilers and drafting Defensemen. Here are his choices with the Oilers picks, and of course it all can be found here:

1-TAYLOR HALL (Winger)


48- JORDAN WEAL (Centre: 5'9" and 162 lbs.!)

61- MAX GARDINER (Left Wing)

73 (?)- MATT MACKENZIE (Defense)

Interlocutor: You dumb wanker, the Oilers don't have the 73 over'll pick. That is the Flames choice! Why aren't you watching the matches of the World Cup, who cares about the NHL draft and talking about Aussie kissing your ma?
Well, Calgary does own the 73th pick in this years draft, but it is one of the possible draft picks in the Staois deal; Either we get the 73th overall pick this year or what ever they get in the third round next year. While this year the 73th overall is the first Calgary pick, they have their first round pick next year but not their second rounder. If Sutter trades for a first or second round pick, on the draft floor, he could let the Oilers take this pick to save next years for trades (to make the playoffs) or to rebuild (if they tank) in the 2011 season. The Oiler scouts need to have a good read on this area of the draft just in case we get that pick, and Tambo needs to working the phones to see what that is worth (Bergeron went for a 3rd round pick in 2008).
Interlocutor: Piss off, you missed Portugal beat seven shades of shit out of your beloved 'Degenerated workers state'. That is what the Oilers need: more offensive forwards that flop around to get penalty calls. None of this tactical defensemen you keep talking of, stop it you bloodly idiot.
Well, I have my fetish for big defensemen . . . but we need logic in dealing with this. I am completely in disagreement with trading up into the first round of this draft: that includes Dylan McIlrath. If dealing down to Boston gets us another 1st rounder, I do it and take the BPA regardless of position. But I think the first of the two 2nd rounds will (if we still hold it) and should (if I was in charge) go to a defensemen or goalie. The sage says Pickard should be there, but I like Nemeth: 30 games in Swedish junior with 0.526Pts/G, 20 total Pts, and 120 PiM, plus international & second division club games. Mr. Alexander Petrovic is ranked 36th by the sage, and the Oilers should have had a good look since he is just down highway two.
Interlocutor: All your mates think supporting the Oilers choosing goalies is like bending the elbow of a mate who's axe is gagging for it back home. That is just wrong. What else did your 'oracle' tell you about Defensemen: I read that stupid play you gave me, and the bloody magician tells me the oiler are bugger.
In the bible of best players available, MacKenzie has an interesting cluster of players: 41. Stephen Johns, 42. Patrik Nemeth, and 43. Kabanov. A tall USA defender, whom I am sure got a bunch of looks my most scouts considering the other USA defenders in the draft; a giant mean Swede (please, pick him Mr. Dithers and I'll defend you religiously for a couple years); a strange super talented Russian, who could be worth a risk. All interesting players for a rebuilding team. What would it cost to move up from 48th to 39th-41st overall? Another 3round pick, maybe a fourth? Could we trade the conditional 3rd rounder from Calgary or do we keep it for next year? I would attempt to move up from Nashville's and target a player, because it is cheaper in the second round to move up and I want the Oilers to stock pile as many picks in the top 90 as possible see rebuilding teams in draft years.
Interlocutor: You gas about nothing. On moment it is 'trade up from 48-overall and target a specific fella'; the next breath it is 'get as many top two round picks as possible and choose best player available'. Just tell me your bloody plan, if your where the gaffer.
1- Attempt to trade down or pass on Hall to Boston. Aim for another 1st round pick or a high end prospect like Joe Colborne, and maybe take a little salary back in return.
2- If I get this years' 15th then pick best player available regardless of position, but if it is either TO's or Boston's first rounder next year I hold on to it.
3- Use the 31st overall to pick the best defensemen or goaltender that fell out of the first round. Dependent on which player, not the position, we like better overall.
4- Attempt to trade up the high 30's or low 40's overall picks: while at Wild at 39th, the Rangers at 40th, and Ducks at 42th are all recent trading partners, I would part with more then a 3rd rounder to move up 10 spots, would try to get it done for a 4th.
5- If Martin Marincin is anywhere past 31th (and Nemth is not), taking him while is is still there. I don't care if the prophet thinks he go 71st and I might not have a early third round pick.
6- Attempt to trade roster players for more picks: I don't think we are willing to give up the quality or youth to get another 1st rounder so I would focus on the second and third rounds. Would Brule, Poo, or JDD get you one of these? Would Nilsson get you a fourth? Moreau a sixth?
7- See what veterans are out there for a fourth or fifth pick, and hope they are centres or defensemen.
Interloctur: So which is those is bugger your ma and stabbing you pa'?

"No. From now on, where oracles are concerned, I would not waste a second thought on any." (Oedipus Rex, 43)

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