Press Box Panopticon part 2

This is a live, in game update...10 minutes into the game, down 2-0 to the wings, once again a lack of discipline is biting the team in the ass. So far the Wings are 1-1 on the PP and getting another chance as we speak...correction it is now 3-0, with the wings 2-2. This is a problem. It took them 6 seconds. Why take stupid cheap hooking penalties? Why does this happen? Matty Garon has now replaced poor Roli, and it really wasn't his fault. The team has won 3 of 13 faceoffs, taking bad penalties and not playing anything like they did on Tuesday. Roli has been hung out to dry, again.

I'm looking for a paper bag...

Go Oilers?


To make a last minute addition, my loyalty to the Oilers is something that can and will never be questioned. I mean, I was a season ticket holder with my dad back in those dark years of 93-97, when we couldn't even buy a win (not like the team had money to pay for it, either). The reason for such an outburst so early into a game is merely the frustration of an Oilers fan in the Diaspora, one whose life is spent reading and writing about being a part of another Diaspora, with very few friends and fewer opportunites to do things I enjoy. It is my only real solace to be able to sit outside of a coffee shop and stream ppv games for free off of an unsecured connection, drinking coffee and smoking as often as I feel like it.

I had such high hopes for the team this year, especially given the (on paper) talent we are dressing, the new owner and the cash infusion that came with it, and it is painful to watch the same inconsistent, undisciplined play that has plagued the team since the dark days. Our wings are manned by the likes of Ales Hemsky and Erik Cole, not Steve Rice and David Oliver, the nets are tended Roli and Garon, not Freddy B and Joaquin Gage, our point men are Shelley Souray and Lubo V, not Bobo Mirinov and Drew Bannister. Yet, 20 games into the season, there is no team chemistry, no cohesion, and truly no discipline. They should be able to compete with anybody, yet they seem to lack the ability to compete even with themselves. I see a team wearing the vintage silks on the ice, yet former 50 goal Oiler Craig (can't coach the powerplay to save his life) Simpson is doing color commentary for the opposition. Where's the pride that used to come from putting on that uniform? It was easier to watch the suck in the old days; there was no money, so there were fewer expectations. It made sense to see the team fail. Then, in the late 90s, under Ron Low, the team that sucked on paper played with so much heart and passion and energy that they would sneak into the playoffs, lose, but wear down the opposition in a truly physical, energetic and passionate fashion. Nobody wanted to face us in the first round, ever. We were the Spoilers in those days. I almost miss that team, the team captained by Buchy, with a young mulleted Smyth, Dougie Weight, goalie Bob and Cujo. That team had heart. That team stood for hockey in the purest sense, and players played hard because it was what hockey players did, and they would do it for at least 75% of the season. They showed up to the rink every night and competed, even though they had next to no real chance to do serious damage. This current team can't seem to play back to back consistent games, let alone consistent periods. It just makes me sad sometimes to watch the team that I love and have loved my whole life play a game with no heart. That's what characterized the Oilers during the dynasty years and the dark years. I hope they find that love for the game again soon. I'll keep watching, regardless of the score, but it's getting difficult to want to sometimes.



B.C.B. said...

Please Hockey gods, forgive the Oil, I will do anything you want (I am sacrificing a smoke and some whiskey as we speak).

I take back any statement I made about the Oilers being disciplined early in the season. Even if it was true, it is not now.

Lets have a come back: I am only counting on Garon, Sourey, and Hemsky (cause that is all we have these days)

B.C.B. said...

I makes me sad (to watch the team I love play without heart), and I am sure it hurts the whole of the Oiler Diaspora.

But from your pain. I think we have gained something great. Oilernation is so america, and OilerDiaspora seems more fitting. I suggest we all start using it, until our legions of readers switch as well.

shepso said...

I Second that motion

sachia said...

now that it has been seconded, let us discuss it

oilernation isn't that bad. I mean there's ridernation and I don't buy this 'it's too american' bullshit.

nonetheless, I am open to a name other than oilernation. I just think oilerdiaspora has too many syllables.


B.C.B. said...

No matter what, when ever I hear "sportinteam-nation" I think of the Red Soxs. Hence the overly nationalistic conitation.

OilerDispora: 6 syllables, but if you mumble or are drunk it is less (ex. "Oir-die-pra"), also it makes us seem smart and more multi-cultural then Leafs and Red Soxs fan.

As an edmonton expat: I do not what to be associated with Toronto or Riders.

I am still voting for OilerDiaspora.

shepso said...

diasporoil? how's that one? I dunno...Oiler Diaspora is long, but it works and I also like it better than Oiler nation if/when living outside Northern Alberta. While home, we can return to beings members of the Oiler Nation.